Razor (black)

Razor is Bumblebee's secret younger sister and my current avatar. She was exiled to earth when she was 19 earth years old, and has been around for about 80 years. She loves her brother dearly, but can be annoying to him at times. She was exiled for the reason only Bumblebee and her knows, and she will never say why. Dr. Elvias has changed her structure to where she can eat and drink human foods, but does not digest them the way humans do. She considers herself as a human, though she is always treated as a machine. She's quite the tender person, but has a fierce side and instinct for protecting her family and friends.

Gaedril (orange)

Gaedril is Razor's best friend as well as her personal intelligence specialist. She's not a fighter, in fact, she's scared of everyone bigger than she is. She's kind hearted and Razor thinks of her as her little sister. While she's friends with Razor, she often travels back and forth from her to Bumblebee.