Mr. Smiley
Born November 12, 2000
Calgary, Canada
Box Entry Date December 13, 2013
Personality Hostile
Favorite Color Red/Orange
Favorite Sports Basketball/Soccer/Swimming
Favorite Pass-Times Reading/Video Games/Music

Kyle Jones Prior, also known as Mr. Smiley (born November 12, 2000) is an Minecrafter who got sent to the Unbreakable Box will trying to find the rare Sasquatch. He had many careers before going there such as a singer/songwriter. He also had two 3 year sisters, and his parents got divorced 1 month after getting sent to the box.


When Prior was only 3 years of age when he started taking an interest in music, his parents took notice that he was great at singing and that he has a short temper at times. When he was 5 he had already mastered the Piano, Guitar, and Xylophone. By age 7 he could play the Violin, and Drums and that is all he wanted to learn.

When Prior turned 12 he got signed to Universal Records and started his professional career there. He had two chart toppers which were Black Hearts and You Only Live Once. He released other songs but they weren't chart toppers.

By age 14 he was making about $2,000,000 a year until he got transported to the box, he was "pronounced dead" on February 26, 2014 but he actually isn't. Universal released him from their records July 21, 2014.


Prior was born on November 12, 2000 at 3:13am, he was a normal baby but something with his brain was different. He was some sort of prodigy, His mental capacity was the same as every other kid but he could do music much better. He started school at age 5 and continued until he got put in the box. He is now homeschooled inside the box so he can still get an education when they escape.

On August 6, 2011 his parents gave birth to twins Jessie and June, this was Prior's best day ever. He finally had siblings, he took care of them and would give his life for them. Every night in the box he wishes that his sisters are OK and he prays God will keep them safe and they will get to see eachother again soon.

Life In The BoxEdit

Ever since he got teleported to the box, Prior's life has changed. He is more tense and nobody knows why, maybe it is because he hopes his family is OK, we'll never know. He has met great friends like Pi, Jarl, Pinkie Pie, ETC. He is currently translating foreign writing from mysterious book which might get them out of the box for good!

Personal LifeEdit

Prior has many fears, he has a small fear of heights and he has stage freight. Everybody has a small case of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). He is in love with Gemma Gorges, another girl in the box who entered on February 6, 2015.