Thorolf and the Thing Edit

Thorolf has 27 different forms, 4 of which are in the unbreakable box:

Thorolf the dragon: This is Thorolf's dragon form, a medium-sized green dragon who is 143 years old and is the 27th form. He is married to Dosey Gotha and likes to drink lemonade. Unlike what one would think of a dragon he is highly familiar with advanced technology.

Thorolf the human: This is Thorolf's first form, he is not a normal human because the thing enchanted him to be far stronger and faster then any normal man or woman. He is 21 years old and has three weapons: The Jarl axe, which was at first given to the thing by Jarl, can strike with mighty force stronger then any normal axe could withstand. Then there is the Odin shield: Which was a gift from Odin, and can block both magical and normal attacks and is nearly unbreakable. And finally there is the Coo-Hatch sword: The sword that can cut through almost anything.

Thorolf the cat: This feline is the 4th form of Thorolf, and can see through invisibility and illusions. He is 43 years old but with 3-year-old cat body and is for the most part good-natured and civilized and hates offending people, unlike most cats. Because of the thing's magic he can talk in any human language and often would prefer doing so then fighting.

Thorolf the giant lobster: This is thorolf's 23rd form, and it is a 16-foot long lobster with four pincers who loves to eat pirates, the reason for this is because he was a pirate-hunter in Madison Gotha's realm. Not much else is known about him besides the fact that he is 103 years old.

Thorolf the Jellyfish: This is Thorolf's 25th form, he is 136 years old and tastes like mango jelly, he lives under the sea in Atlantis and it was in this form when he wrote the famous book: "Thorolf's epic guide to random stuff."

The Thing: NOT a form of Thorolf, the thing is a legendary mystical being which is strangely genderless and is heard of by many people. However despite being well-known no one really knows what it looks like. It has great magical powers and seems to really like Amaterasu for reasons only it knows.

Spacy: A famed escapist of Jarvis's monster lab, she is a 16 year old psychic girl who is 5'4 and has brown hair and blue eyes, together with her friend Ghost escaped from the monster lab in a spaceship... But somehow they ended up in the unbreakable box.

Ghost: A cloudy demon-like creature made out of green gas clouds around a thicker black gas in the core, he is known for his glowing red eyes peering through the green fog. He is actually not solid, and no one is quite sure how old he is. Like Spacy he escaped from Jarvis's monster lab.