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Andire is an Adrican mage, engineer, retired Arena Fighter, and renegade alchemist. He left his home world at the age of 250 and struck a deal with demons in exchange for chaos powers at 256, becoming a soul harvester in their employ who operated under the guise of an assassin up until the age of 1500, when he assassinated the God of Humanity, Xzen, and the events that occurred afterwards ended up sending him on his travels through the multiverse.

He isn't affected by poisons, diseases, drugs, etc; however, he can still get drunk if he consumes souls. He is a master of both magic and chaos, capable of using the latter in part due to his cybernetic arm.

Regon Dagon Edit


A perfect clone of the Emperor of the Empire of Humanity and the first human to be fully capable of magic since the death of Xzen 40,000 years prior to Regon's creation. Growing up on the frozen world of Dagon Alpha, he enlisted into the military at the age of 10 and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a well-known interceptor pilot by the age of 13, an elite commander at the age of 16, and the Archcommander of the Empire at 18. He spent the next 17 years of his life as the literal spearhead of the war against the Galactic Confederacy of Sentient Races, up until he became trapped in the warp that destroyed his vessel and his equipment and leaving him stranded until a chance encounter led him to join up with Andire.

Due to his training under the Adrican scientists that raised him, Regon's strength and dexterity is well over superhuman levels; in addition, he has a natural talent in both pyromancy and mechanical engineering.

Tallix Nevron Edit


A young thaumaturge prodigy from the country of Evelron. He was born and raised simply as a farmer until he and his twin brother were drafted by the Civil Military Forces of Evelron as Thaumaturge Hunters. It was during his initial training that he was found by a spy from the Crimson Ravens thaumaturge guild, who took note of his refusal to accept the common notion throughout Evelron of Thaumaturges as beings of evil, and offered him a chance to join the Crimson Ravens and become one himself. He accepted, and in a mere eight years he has proven himself to have tremendous talent in the "forbidden" art. He occasionally passes through the multiverse by way of a subdimension known as Carnage Rift, exploring various universes for the purposes of collecting materials and artifacts and advancing his research for the guild.

Tallix has a tendency to pet humanoid non-humans, in particular animal people.

Ridge Kalvon Edit

The Unknown Deity; all that is known about him is that he can manipulate reality through his writings in a book and that he [REDACTED] and [EXPUNGED] because he [INFORMATION WITHHELD].